ART In Vail Editorials
23 February 2017

A winter walk in Vail reveals that skiing isn’t always required Article

VAIL – Winter’s not good time to be recovering from shoulder surgery. In the middle of this deep snow season, my doctor has barred me from even the bunny runs.  Although I’m banned from slopes, I can still enjoy the ambiance of a fine winter resort. When my downhilling spouse decided to ski Vail, I tagged along.
1 January 2017

Art and about in Vail and Breckenridge article

It's unlikely the hundreds of skiers clip-clopping their way through Vail's picturesque town centre realise they're trudging over an artwork. But if they were to glance down as they walk along Wall St, they'd notice a series of curious symbols engraved on the paving stones. It's an artwork by Colorado artist Carolyn Braaksma called Riddles, and it invites the more observant to pause and try and crack the code.

30 December 2016

Vail Today: Vail Winterfest celebrates season with outdoor theater article

The town of Vail’s Art in Public Places invites you to view movies in a different way this winter. Along Gore Creek, you’ll find some of your favorite animations illuminated on an ice screen.
30 June 2016

A Granite Landscape

By Molly Eppard - Art in Public Places Coordinator, Town of Vail

The serenity of Vail’s Ford Park serves as the new home for the timeless sculptural art installation “Granite Landscape” by internationally renowned artist Jesús Moroles. With the Gore Creek and Vail Mountain as a backdrop, there is a harmonious connection between the sculptural elements and the nature it represents. The relation between the art and earth is achieved.

3 May 2015

A White and Silver World

By Molly Eppard - Art in Public Places Coordinator, Town of Vail

Michael Krondl's photographic mural holds court at the Lionshead Transit and Welcome Center.