Vail Public Library

Formed in 2007, Denver based Ladies Fancywork Society is a crochet creating collective of four friends who share this passion. The renegade “yarn-bombers” began adorning unexpected objects in the dark of night with installations around Denver. Their work was noticed by many art enthusiasts, ultimately bringing the collective’s creations to the forefront of the public art scene. Their fanciful acrylic yarn installations have been commissioned by such institutions as the Denver Art Museum, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art, while maintaining their street credibility with invitations to CRUSH WALLS in the Rino district. 

 “The concept for this installation is a bubbly pastel rainbow landscape full of fun eyeball critters! Bubbly hills ranging in size along with eyeball creatures in all phases of their metamorphosis. There will be some fun little drippy bits for library patrons to walk under as they enter too. Little, bubble island clouds will be resting on the ledge at the top of the wall, as well as floating in the center of the arched windows. The colorful critters will be hanging out inside, just chilling on their bubbles,” explains the Ladies Fancywork Society of the installations both interior and exterior at the Vail Public Library.